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Agency: Integrated Public Safety Commission

The Integrated Public Safety Commission is hiring.  Four (4) Communications Analyst positions opened.  The starting salary for these positions is $47,476 per year.

  • Disaster Communication Coordinator– Coordinate statewide public safety alternate communications programs, plans, and resources, including amateur radio, tactical dispatch, and telecommunication emergency response. Ensure that a uniformly trained and credentialed unit of communication volunteers are available for disaster response.
  • Communications Analyst – Network Specialist – Monitors the statewide radio system and wide area network using system management tools.  This includes respond to network alarms, initiate trouble tickets/reports for vendor response, and database management.
  • Communications Analyst – Field Technician– The Communications Analyst – Field Technician programs, align, upgrades, troubleshoot, and repair mobile, portable, and base two-way radios, public safety microwave radios, and related equipment located at state-wide radio repeater sites.