Indiana Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (INCLEA)


Article I-NAME

The name of this organization shall be:  The Indiana Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators here in after referred to as the “Association.”


The purpose of the Association is:

  1. To promote the common interest in the administration, operation, and development of University and College Security, Police and Safety Departments; and
  2. To foster improved methods and procedures in the administration, planning, development, operation, and maintenance of Security, Police and Safety Departments; and
  3. To promote professional ideals and standards to better serve the educational objectives of institutions of higher education; and
  4. To legislate in annual meetings through by-laws or by resolution upon any subject of general concern to the members; and
  5. To schedule, plan, and conduct state meetings of the Association for the discussion of matters of common concern and to enhance the professional knowledge and skills of its members; and
  6. To assist in developing, maintaining, and promoting a professional relationship between and among the members, by and between the members and their respective institutions through meetings, seminars, research, studies, and the like; and to provide for the institution and communities an understanding and appreciation of the functions, activities, and operations of the respective security forces.



  1. Any institution of higher learning which offers a degree requiring no less than two years of academic credit shall be eligible for membership.
  2. All institutions, as defined above, even though a branch of a parent institution, shall be entitled to one voting member.
  3. Institutions shall be eligible for membership when their routine police or security program is performed by full-time police, security, or safety officers employed by the institution.
  4. Associate memberships may be granted to those persons making application in writing to the President. Approval by a simple majority of a quorum of the membership present at any stated meeting will be necessary for approval. Associate members shall enjoy all rights and privileges of full membership with the exception of voting in the election of INCLEA Officers in annual elections. Assoicate members shall be excluded from holding elective office in the Association.


  1. Any eligible institution in good standing as a member may delegate one person to represent the institution as its voting member at the annual business meeting and any other special meeting which may be called. Upon payment of registration fee and any other required meeting charges additional non-voting representatives of member institutions may attend the annual meeting and any other special meetings which may be called.
  2. The voting representative of the member institution must be an administrator, director, or executive of the office or department in direct and responsible charge of the operation, maintenance, planning, and development of security, police, or safety at the institution. The voting representative of the member institution may elect as associate members additional persons who are not affiliated with a represented institution, but who are associated with or engaged in security, police, or safety work. Such assoicate members shall not have the right to vole or hold office in the Association.


Representation shall take an active interest in the Association as evidenced by contributions in the form of presentation of papers, work on committees, and attendance at meetings.


A member institution is entitled to:

  1. A copy of the annual proceedings of the Assoication.
  2. Purchase additional copies of the annual proceedings as provided in the By-Laws.
  3. Request inclusion of special subjects for papers or discussions at the meeting of the Association.
  4. The right to vote in motions duly presented at meetings of the Assoication. Each institution is entitled to one vote to be cast by the duly authorized active representative in attendance.


The procedure for election to membership shall be as prescribed in the By-Laws.

Section 6. ANNUAL DUES

The annual dues for members shall be as prescribed in the By-Laws.


The lack of interest in the Association as evidenced by failure to send a representative to meetings, nonparticipation, or failure to pay dues shall be sufficient cause for the Board of Directors to drop such institution from the membership roll.


Any institution whose membership has been terminated under Section 7 of this Article may be reinstated to membership by action of the Board of Directors.



All adminstrative officers and members of the Board of Directors shall be representatives of member institutions in good standing.

Section 2. OFFICERS

The officers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary-Treasurer. The term of the President, the Vice-President, and the Secretary-Treasurer shall be one year. The Secretary-Treasurer and the Vice President shall be elected by a majority vote at the annual business meeting of the Association. In the event that a quorum is not present at the annual business meeting, all incumbent officers shall hold office until their successors have been elected.

  1. The President
  • The Vice-President shall automatically become President following his year of service as Vice-President.
Powers and Duties
  • He shall be the executive officer of the Association.
  • He shall be a member of and the Chairperson of the Board of Directors.
  • He shall preside at the meetings of the Association and at all meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • He shall have authority to appoint all committees of the Association not otherwise provided for.
  • He shall be chairman of the committee for the preparation of the program for the succeeding meeting of the Association.
  • He shall be responsible for the general supervision and direction of the affairs of the Association.
  • It shall be the duty of the President and the Board of Directors to appoint replacements for offices vacated prior to the expiration of the elected term, such replacements to complete the unexpired term.
  • He shall authorize any expenditures required for the affairs of the Association during the interim between annual meetings.
  • The Vice-President
  • Powers and Duties
    • He shall occupy the office and assume the function of the President in the absence of the President.
  • The Secretary-Treasurer
  • Powers and Duties
    • He shall give notice of all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors.
    • He shall keep a record of the minutes of such meetings and distribute copies to active members in good standing.
    • He shall be responsible for the records of the Association and for conducting the correspondence of the Association under the direction of the President.
    • He shall receive and process all applications for membership and be Chairman of the Membership Committee.
    • He shall be a member of the consitution and By-Laws Committee and shall keep its records.
    • He shall prepare and issue an annual membership directory to institutional representatives.
    • He shall perform such other services as may, from time to time, be assigned by the President.
    • He shall collect all dues and other monies owed to the Association.
    • He shall dispense all funds for expenditures duly authorized, upon the written approval of the President of the Board of Directors.


    • The Board of Directors of the Association shall consist of the President, Vice-President, the Secretary-Treasurer, and the immediate past President of the Association, and two members-at-large.
    • The President, Vice-Presiden, and Secretary-Treasurer of the association, shall also be the Presdent, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer of the Board of Directors.
    • The Members-At-Large shall be members in good standing of the Association and serve for a two-year term. One Member-At-Large shall be elected each year by majority vote of all Association representatives attending the annual business meeting. Schools with an enrollment of 6,000 or greater will constitute a large school and have one member-at-large; less than 6,000 will constitute a small school and have one member-at-large.
    Powers and Duties
    • Shall rule on questions of policy which arise between annual meetings.
    • Shall inspect and approve all proper expenditures for the treasury made by the President during the interim between annual meetings and shall hold him accountable for such expenditures being made in the most prudent interest of the Association.
    • Shall approve the dates for the annual meeting of the Association unless the exact dates shall have been approved by the Association at its annual meeting.
    • Shall have authority to appoint small “Action Committees” from its membership for the purpose of expediting its work. Such action committees may be voted authority by a majority of the board of Directors to act for the Board as a whole and shall report to the Board of Directors.
    • At all meetings of the Board of Directors, four directors present shall constitute a quorum. Each member of the Board is entitled to one vote. Proxy voting will not be permitted. In the absene of a quorum any action taken will be recommendatory only, but may become legal action if confirmed by a majority vote by a mail ballot of the members of the Board of Directors.


    Section 1. BY-LAWS

    This Association may, at its annual meeting, adopt or amend any By-Laws not inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution, in accordance with the provision of ARTICLE VII.


    Legislation may be enacted through resolutions not inconsistent with the Constitution and By-Laws at any annual business meeting, by a majority vote cast by the voting representatives present, provided the legislation proposed is of a temporary character, effective only for the time specified in the resolution itself.

    Article VI-MEETINGS

    Section 1. ANNUAL MEETINGS

    1. A meeting of the membership of the Association shall be held annually. A meeting Site Committee shall be appointed by the current President to receive bids from member institutions for meeting locations.
    2. The meeting Site Committee shall evaluate the various bids and recommend to the Board of Directors its choice of site for the following year. In addition to the recommended site, the committee and the Board of Directors shall jointly review all other bids which were received and a final selection of the site shall be determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

    Section 2. QUORUM

    A quorum shall consist of a majority of the total number actually registered at the annual m eeting as accredited voting representatives of member institutions.


    Each institution may be represented at the annual meeting as provided in ARTICLE III, Section 2 of the Constitution.

    Section 4. PROCEDURE

    1. The date, time, and place of each meeting of the INCLEA shall be decided by the President. Members are to be notified at least two weeks prior to the meeting date.
    2. The parliamentary rules as stated in Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the procedure at the meetings of the Association.
    3. The order of business shall be:
    1. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting (and their approval)
    2. Reports of Boards and Committees
    3. Unfinished Business
    4. New Business
    5. Adjournment


    Section 1.

    Any and all articles, sections or paragraphs of this Constitution may be amended by a vote of approval by three-fourths majorty of the voting representatives, a quorum being present, at the annual business meeting.

    Section 2.

    Voting upon amendments shall be limited to proposals which have been studied, discussed, and subsequently presented at the annual business meeting by the constitution and By-Laws Committee.

    Section 3.

    Voting on amendments initiated by motion from the floor shall not be permitted. Proposed amendments must first be submitted to the Constitution and By-Laws Committee for study and presentation.

    Section 4.

    Notice of all amendments which have been made in accordance with the above provisions shall be sent by the Secretary-Treasurer to the representatives of all member institutions, whether present or absent at the annual business meeting.

    Section 5.

    Annual Dues for INCLEA should be $50.00 per calendar year per institution. For purpose of definition each geographical location shall be considered a separate institution, i.e. I.U. Southwest/I.U. Bloomington shall be separate entities.